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80 mile training rides

By PaulChristie on 15 July 2012

Last Sunday I finally managed to get my first 80 mile cycle in, even though the weather was still pretty bad!

8th July

By PaulChristie on 07 July 2012

Had a great day on Sunday at the Southampton Skyride, followed by the hardest cycle ever on the Monday (see previous blog entry). The rest of the week was just doing 15 mile commutes as the weather has been horrendous, and was soaked through after every ride!

Manning UP!

By PaulChristie on 07 July 2012

As I haven’t been doing the cycling miles over the last two weeks, I decided I couldn’t use the weather as an excuse and cycled home from work, at the time I didn’t think it would be too bad……was I wrong.

1st July

By PaulChristie on 07 July 2012

Pretty slow week for training due to working locations, managed to big rides, but that’s about it!
Sunday – Rest day
Monday – 46 Mile cycle
Tuesday – Rest day
Wednesday – Rest day
Thursday - rest day
Friday - Rest day
Saturday – 57 Mile cycle

17th June

By PaulChristie on 17 June 2012

The week started off with the Reading sportive, a pretty chilled 47 miles with Sarah and her Dad on a flat-ish route, there were two big climbs but over all it was an excellent route that I will definitely save to do again in the future.

10th June

By PaulChristie on 10 June 2012

Sundays swim started the week, and it was a great session, Then Tuesday was my nightmare cycle to Reading, two punctures, strong head winds and very cold conditions didn't help, but psychologically I wasn't prepared and didn't want to do the ride, but managed to force myself out in aid of trainin

Nightmare cycle to Reading

By PaulChristie on 07 June 2012

Since deciding to not hold back on training while waiting for the road bike to finally get sorted I arranged a few 54 mile cycles up to Reading this month, with the 5th June being the first one since my Road bike broke on the 9th April!