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Weekly blog update: 28th Jan – 3rd Feb

By PaulChristie on 03 February 2013

This week has been another bad training week, with working long hours, in London twice and Sarah out; I didn’t manage to get any training in Monday to Friday, not even being able to commute to work on the bike.

Weekly blog update: 21st Jan - 27th Jan

By PaulChristie on 27 January 2013

Due to the snow, ice and working locations this week was written of training wise, as I didn’t want to risk injury with the icy roads running or cycling, and by the time I was getting home, swimming wasn’t really an option. Yet what started out bad has finished with a bang!

Weekly blog update: 14th Jan - 20th Jan

By PaulChristie on 21 January 2013

With the winter weather truly hitting this week I have given up the road bike and swapped to my Frankenstein Mountain/road bike. After last year’s injuries have decided to just do the minimal commute and concentrate on the other disciplines.

Weekly blog update – 7th January – 13th January

By PaulChristie on 14 January 2013

After such a good previous training week, I had lots of plans for this weeks training. I started off with a good swim session on the Monday, although still not happy with my technique, 60 laps were completed with relative ease.

Weekly blog update – 31st Dec – 6th January

By PaulChristie on 06 January 2013

The year has started well, a quick pool swim on the Monday before the family sessions started, followed by going to the beach on New Year’s day with Adam for a plunge into the freezing water, 2xu wetsuit was awesome and didn’t feel the cold on my body at all, unfortunately my feet, hands and face

weekly blog update - 24th Dec - 30th Dec

By PaulChristie on 02 January 2013

It’s been a while but the new year has kicked in and the Triathlon Training has started, so thought it was about time to update the blog. This year I have signed up for four events

Henley Ironman 2013

By PaulChristie on 30 September 2012

Two days after returning from the Ride Across Britain and my first day back to work I received an email from a colleague sent to seven other people, the subject read “Henley Ironman”, it was asking if we wanted to sign up for Challenge Henley on the 8