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Weekly Blog update: 15th April – 21st April

By PaulChristie on 22 April 2013

It has been a tough week, the family is all back home which is awesome, but Sarah is still recovering from her operation, therefore I am on children, care and work duty.

Weekly Blog update: 8th April – 14th April

By PaulChristie on 13 April 2013

This week has been about the Wiggle New Forest 87 mile sportive. As Sarah is still staying in Reading recovering from her Operation, I have not been able to train due to driving between Reading, work and home.

Weekly Blog Update: 1st April – 7th April

By PaulChristie on 05 April 2013

I am off to Cardiff this weekend, so  decided to do an early blog update

Another week of light training due to having man-flu and also being away from home while Sarah is still recovering from her back surgery.

NB Heroes

Weekly blog update: 25th March – 31st March

By PaulChristie on 31 March 2013

It’s been a while since the last blog, which is mainly due to not doping much training mainly due to family issues.

Holiday training blog - Part 2

By PaulChristie on 21 March 2013

After two days of hill running as well as some turbo trainer sessions, I decided to take it easy on Sunday and just swim, so headed to the nearest pool ready for 09:00 opening.

Holiday training blog - Part 1

By PaulChristie on 15 March 2013

I am lucky enough to be on my first holiday of the year, staying in a beautiful house near Bideford in Devon, but just because I am on hols, it doesn't mean my training stops, if anything my plan was to increase it!

Trail running on SW coast trail

Weekly blog update: 11th - 14th March

By PaulChristie on 12 March 2013

Not the usual full weekly update, as I go on holiday to Devon Friday, so will do one for whole holiday when I am back.