RAB day 2

By PaulChristie on 09 September 2012

Today's wake up music was 'let's get ready to rumble' by Ant and Dec, I never thought I would be smiling when I heard this song again!

This morning was hard, waking up stiff, with a sore back and it did not look like it was going to be a good day!

The one thing that helped more than words can say was everyone's facebook messages of support and today's surprise package which included a letter from Lochlan and another news letter from Adam, and just so you know, I have a group of people waiting at breakfast tomorrow to read day 3's installment!

Everyone was feeling the same, yet everyone was smiling, 1 down and 8 to go. After a hearty breakfast of porridge and toast, I met up with the same guys I rode with yesterday and we were away. After the first 10 miles I felt good, everything had loosened up, the banter between us kicked in and finally the sun came out at about 10:00. After the first food stop we knew it was going to get tough, but by the gods not that tough, the big climb was huge, the biggest I have ever cycled (will probably be saying this a few more times :-) ) and we decided that once at the top we deserved a coffee, so the first pub saw a load of sweaty and tired looming cyclists descend on them for cokes and coffee!

We reached the 2nd food stop at 75 miles and after being attacked by hundreds of sheep trying to get passed 600 cyclists, all trying to chow down on their sausage rolls and sweets, we set off to the much talked about Cheddar Gorge. We could see it in the distance and over 10 miles it got closer until we were there and it turned out to be the most beautiful climb ever, a few miles of steep climbing being cheered on by other cyclists and tourists and we were nearly in Bath.

As we ticked up to the university, Mark looked over to me and joked "sprint finish?", then we looked at each other and we were off. We were Cavendish reborn, we were flying into the finish with the ther crew and family members screaming encouragement not quite believing we were doing this after 110 miles of cycling. 500 metres of everything we had left (we may have felt that way but I can imagine it was the slowest spint you have ever seen).

I don't know how or why but I feel amazing tonight, I am fed and watered and heading for a pint before sleeping in a real bed. 220 miles done, 7 days to go!

Again, thank you to everyone for their messages of support, they will be what gets me through the tough times head!