RAB Day 1

By PaulChristie on 08 September 2012

The day started off at 5:30am with all the speakers around the camp blasting out "I want to ride my bicycle" by Queen, absolutely brilliant, definitely the right sort of music to get you going in the morning :o)

I had to keep my mouth closed over breakfast as everyone was commenting on how bad their sleep was, where as I went to bed at 21:30 and slept right through, the most sleep I have had in a long time. The nerves were up and running and after breakfast, I got the bike sorted and headed to the start line to look for the 14-15mph group (there were people with signs up). Before I knew it though someone said go and I was away, it was only about 10 miles later I realised that I was with the big boys, averaging about 17mph up and down the lanes of cornwall. I was feeling prettty strong and it wasn't a hard pace to maintain, so stayed with the group until the first food stop at 35 miles.

It was quite funny, after about 5 minutes three of us over 6 footers kind of crept up to each other and decided that it would be a good idea for us to stick together, as there were plenty of little whipper snappers that were leaving us on the hills and when we do catch up with them they dont offer much of a wind break to us :o)

The comraderie was amazing, after forming into a group of 8 people, we joked with each other on the flat, cheered each other on the hills and waited at the top for everyone to catch up so we could set out as a group. Some really nice guys and girls and I will hope to cycle with them again, as they are like minded when it comes to dare I say it.... stopping for a photo....

I rocked into the finish after 110 miles and an insane amount of climbing and got laughed at as I was at the bar before my helmet was off to get my "recovery" drink.

I am all watered and fed, and have had my massage which was aammmmmaaazzziinnnnngggg, although even a dog walking up and down my back would feel good right now!

Two huge thank you's, to Sarah for organising a special envelope for each day with messages and cards in, and to Adam for arranging the RAB newsletter, it gave me such a boost this morning reading them :o)

signing off for tonight, so I can go and collapse on the Sofas. RAB DAY ONE DONE!