5 days and counting!

By PaulChristie on 02 September 2012

Well, the time has arrived, in just 5 days I will be starting the hardest physical and mental challenge of my life, yes that’s right, the Deloitte Ride Across Britain is here.
Day 1:    Land’s End - Okehampton                        108 miles                 4783ft of climbing
Day 2:    Okehampton - Bath                                   110 miles                 4284ft of climbing
Day 3:    Bath - Ludlow                                             99 miles                    5439ft of climbing
Day 4:    Ludlow - Manchester                               106 miles                 3303ft of climbing
Day 5:    Manchester - Penrith                               104 miles                 5252ft of climbing
Day 6:    Penrith - Glasgow                                      100 miles                 3353ft of climbing
Day 7:    Glasgow - Fort William                              127 miles                 6017ft of climbing
Day 8:    Fort William - Kyle of Sutherland           111 miles                 5301ft of climbing
Day 9:    Kyle of Sutherland -John O’Groats         104 miles                 4140ft of climbing
                                                               Total’s         969 miles                41,872ft of climbing
For the last month my nerves have been building, constantly questioning myself as to whether I am up to the challenge, have I done enough training, who was I to think that I could even do something like this!
There has been one person who has not only answered this, but has kept answering and supporting, encouraging and believing in me, Sarah my wife. She may not be doing the physical ride with me but she is part of Team Christie and any successes and accomplishments are shared 50/50.
Last Friday my rider numbers turned up ready to attach to Tallulah and my bag and I went to bed a bag of nerves, but on waking Saturday morning, they had gone and continue to stay gone! It wasn’t until 3 days later when someone was saying that I was pretty relaxed about the whole thing and questioned me that I realised why, there was absolutely nothing I could do between the previous Saturday and the ride itself this Saturday that would make a difference (except attach a motor to the bike). So it’s time to just toughen up and get the job done!
I will be blogging daily and getting Sarah to upload it here, so if you’re interested in reading how I am doing, check in with me here daily!