Woodcote sportive

By PaulChristie on 19 August 2012

Today I took part in the woodcote sportive, in total, including cycling to and from the event it was 97 miles, of 30 degree sunshine and the biggest climbs I have attempted to date.


This ride was the true test for the RAB in 22 days, and it went well with a few point to note. My average speed was 16mph, which in order to maintain over 9 days, I need to drop it so its between 14 and 15 mph. Also, I need to ensure I take on enough calories to keep my legs going. All I had today was poridge, 4 energy drinks and a couple of flapjacks, although enough to get through the day, it would have been a lot easier with some extra calories taken on board.

Some of the hills were hard, 900ft of 14% incline being the worst, definate energy sappers, hence the need to drop my speed so I save something for the climbs.

All in all, a successful day, tomorrow being the true test when I get back in the bike and cycle to Winchester.