Open Water Swimming

By PaulChristie on 08 August 2012

I have finally managed to get out in the open water, and swim in the sea! I have been several times now and have become addicted, it is hard work, and can be nerve racking when the waves are choppy, but it gives you such a rush!
I went out with Adam the first time, as I was quite nervous as I have never actually swam in the sea, I have paddled, floated etc but have never been out where I couldn’t stand up. The first thing to mention is that it’s not that bad!
I was really lucky as there was no wind and the sea was really calm. Once you get over not being able to see anything in the water (yes, there is no black line on the floor like a swimming pool) and the fact the water tastes salty, it becomes kind of addictive.
I couldn’t really afford to buy  a Triathlon wetsuit as these start at about £100 so I bought a cheap short legged and short sleeve one from Sainsbury’s for £23, and it works great and will definitely make do for this year.

Swimming in Hamble