11th January

By PaulChristie on 01 May 2012

Cycled 15 miles on my work commute today and then a further 5 to and from the swimming pool!

Today was D-day for swimming, I think its been about 5 years since I swam laps in a pool. I have been quite nervous about going, I have never been a strong swimmer and have never had a proper front crawl technique, so I new this would be my week point from the get go.

I decided to play it safe and stay in the slow lane for my first outing, and what can I say, I thrashed my legs, I inhaled water and I spluttered my way through 1 kilometre of swimming in 30 minutes, not feeling to happy about it but have watched a number of Youtube videos to see where I am going wrong, and initial thoughts are that I am not kicking from the hips and that I am lifting my head to far out of the water when trying to breathe! I plan on going again Friday and depending on the outcome will depend on whether I find someone to give me proper swimming lessons.

On a positive note, Since Saturday I have not eaten any crap, have turned down Sausage sandwiched, home-made cup cakes (this was hard), Yorkshire puddings and the cakes and sweets people keep bringing into the office to share..... very proud, The scales show the weight dropping, but not logging anything until my official weekly weigh in!