And its time to get back on the bike

By PaulChristie on 28 October 2013

So its been sometime since I wrote a blog, Since completing the Ironman in September I have been taking a break from any cycling or running training. Instead I have been focusing on weights and core strengthening (something I have wanted to do for a while but not had the time).

But last weekend saw the start of training again, as its just over a month to the Cycling Santas ( and I need to get my body conditioned for the gruelling cycle. Due to working in London , and also the hurricane type winds we have been having, I have mainly been using the turbo trainer in the man-cave or the spinning bikes at the gym, but its time to man-up and get back on the bike this week.

I have done a cycle like this last year, and know how it impacts the body and mind, something like this is 50% fitness, 30% body conditioning and 20% determination, I have the fitness, and the determination, its now all about getting my body used to the punishment required :o)

Planning for the cycle is complete, we have all our kit ready for the cold weather (photo to come soon) and the route and accommodation is sorted,and its getting very exciting.

If you want to support us, please visit the website, you can sponsor us by following this link - or if you are up for it maybe join us on one of the legs!!!

It may be early, but get your Christmas cheer on and help spread the word, everything we are doing is for the NCCA UK