Weekly training Blog: 8th July – 14th July

By PaulChristie on 17 July 2013

It has been a hot one this week, ranging between 27-30 degrees, which has been a real eye opener training, being British I can honestly say I am not used to training in this heat, although enjoyable, it does make endurance training twice as hard…

Monday was our regular long cycle day, so it was a 17 mile cycle to Winchester in the morning, and 40 miles cycle home. When I think at how my fitness has changed over the last three years I am still amazed. The first time I cycled back from work in 2010, I had to stop several times, my back was in agony and I basically collapsed when I got to my house and didn’t cycle for the rest of the week; where as these days its an enjoyable ride, I train the next the next day if not the same night and try and do it twice a week!

Tuesday was the hardest run I have ever done; the plan was to do 12ish miles in the evening on a new route I had plotted out on my Garmin. As I left the house it was 27 degrees, I knew it was going to be hot, so planned to take it easy…….then

I ran out of water and had to stop at a pub for a coke and water fill up, the heat was so intense from the glare on the road as well as the fact there was no shelter that I actually needed twice as much water as normal, I got lost slightly and felt basically beaten up, with the run ending at ne new longest run to date… 15 miles.

Wednesday was a deserver rest day after the run from hell the night before as well as the chance to travel to the NCCA Alliance office for a meeting about the cycling Santa’s… yes, it is on, watch this space for more details :o)

Thursday and Friday was all about the swimming, with a 1122m swim one day and 2200m swim the next, very cooling in this heat!

Saturday was family day before heading up to London to stay over before running the British 10km race in London, thank you to Bea for putting us up in your livening room and providing a feat of food…. Baked camembert hmmmmmm….

Sunday’s race in London was hot, the NCCA team was fantastic as usual with their support, and all 77 runners did amazingly. My job during the run was to hold the water for Adam who ran in the Elle mascot outfit, which was an amazing feat in itself in this heat!!!!

8th July – 27 mile cycle

9th July – 15 mile run

10th July – rest day

11th July – 1122m swim

12th July – 2200m swim

13th July – rest day

14th July – British 10km run