Weekly training blog – 1st July – 7th July

By PaulChristie on 08 July 2013

After a successful triathlon on the Sunday, I started the week in recovery mode, even though a sprint triathlon is short distances for me, going all out for 1hr 18mins takes it out of you.

On Monday I enjoyed the weather and cycled to and from Winchester for my work commute, 31 miles in total, my legs were feeling heavy but ti was nice to stretch them out.

Tuesday was a rest day as I was working in London and had a busy day ahead; I usually try to incorporate my rest days for when I am in London

Wednesday was a short cycle in the morning and home from Winchester in the evening, I was due to swim as well, but hadn’t had much sleep during the week so far, so took the evening off

On Thursday I managed to get out for an hours run at lunch time in London, I have started to really enjoy this as it’s a fantastic 2 lap run around Hyde park, which has some stunning scenery.

Friday was my long cycle day, 17 mile cycle work commute in the morning and a 40 mile cycle home, when the weather is nice it’s another fantastic route, the first 20 miles being all countryside and quiet roads

Saturday was the normal family day, spent taking the kids to karate and ballet in the morning and then the rest of the day with my Dad and Uncles having a BBQ and eating my body weight in meat.

On Sunday I took my three kids up to Kew Gardens in London for the NCCA family day, and what an amazing time was had by all, it was so well run, the kids had all sorts of activities to partake in, and Niamh managed to steal the heart of a few of the volunteers. My two favourite moments were meeting and talking to some of the parents as well as their kids, which helped to fully enforce my determination to spread the charities awareness as much as possible, and see all three of my kiddies running on to the dance floor and busting their moves to Gann am style… a truly fantastic day.

I got home for four and was due for a training run, but after a day in the sun as well as still being 30 degrees in heat, I decided to wimp out, but true to form it was Sarah being forceful and kicking me out the door that saw me run the slowest 5 miles ever.

1st July – 31 miles cycle

2nd July – rest day

3rd July – 17 mile cycle

4th July – 6.22 mile run

5th July – 57 mile cycle

6th July – rest day

7th July – 5 mile run