Updated training blog 10th June – 30th June

By PaulChristie on 02 July 2013

I have had a busy couple of weeks, both with work and family so I haven’t had much time to write my weekly training blogs, so this one is a bit of a catch up.

Training has been coming along well, not as much as I would like, but this was due to coming down with a cold as well as having three poorly kiddies to look after, still, have managed to get in some good 40 mile cycles from work in the evening.

I am starting to get seriously nervous about the Henley Ironman distance triathlon, its only 10 weeks away now, and have some serious training to undertake in order to be ready for it. I have now done a half iron distance event, and it was hard work, and I have realised that I really need to get my running up to speed. I know I can do a half marathon, but at this point I have a bit of a panic when I even think about doing a full marathon, let alone doing one after a 2.4 mile river swim and 112 mile cycle!

I am confident I will be ready for the swim in time; I just need to do more training sessions both in the pool as well as the sea.

And this brings me on to the real issue, finding time to train! I can get the majority of  my cycling in during my work commutes, and only need to get two or three  112 mile cycles in before September, and pool swimming is easy enough going in the evening once kiddies are in bed, it’s the two – three hours for my run sessions I am struggling with. I can get 1 hour runs in during the week, but the only opportunity for long distance is the weekends, and as Sarah works on a Saturday, and we generally have family commitments on the Sunday, it doesn’t leave much time, I need to work this out somehow!

So, as the closer the 8th September gets, the more my nerves kick in, can someone who has only been into cycling for three years, running and swimming for 1 ½ years really complete an ironman distance triathlon…… we will find out in 10 weeks!!!!

10th – 40 miles cycle

11th & 12th – rest day

13th – 25 mile cycle, 1408m swim

14th – 15 mile cycle

15th &16th – rest day

17th – 45 mile cycle

18th & 19th – rest day

20th – 34 mile cycle

21st, 22nd & 23rd – Ill

24th – 2222m swim

25th – 5.6 mile run

26th – 31 mile cycle

27th – 23 mile cycle

28th & 29th – rest days

30th – Fareham sprint triathlon

And rather than the typical sporting photo of me, I though I would leave you with one of our favourite summer activities, getting the sprinkler out and letting the kids go wild, and yes, that is me tinkering in the man-cave with the bikes :o)