Weekly training blog: 3rd June – 9th June

By PaulChristie on 10 June 2013

I have been taking it easy this week due to the Outlaw half Ironman on the 2nd June. The main aim has been to keep the body moving and start to think about what I need to do training wise over the next 13 weeks for both the half ironman in August and the full one in September.

Looking back at the outlaw, I know that I need to work on the swim, but it’s the run I need to focus on as I have not been doing that long a distance yet, so after this week the plan is to fully invoke the Ironman training plan.

Monday was al about sitting on the sofa in my compression trousers and giving my legs a break, I did cycle 2 miles to the gym and had a 20 lap swim, followed by a 20 minute Jacuzzi :o), I had no reserved in the tank so the aim was to keep moving. One thing I have found is that by stopping exercise fully after big events, it makes the body seize up and prone to injury, so light training actually helps!

Tuesday I cycled 8 miles in the morning before Adam convinced me to take a slow cycle back all the way from work as the sun was out. It was actually a really nice 40 mile cycle, no attempt to push myself but to just relax and enjoy the ride.

Wednesday was a more than welcome rest day.

Thursday I was feeling good again, aches were gone and just about all of the tiredness, so I cycled 8 miles in the morning and all the way home 40 miles in the evening.

Friday was a rest day again and Saturday was spent with the kids going to the cinema in the morning and then an afternoon of gardening.

Fully recovered now Sunday as back to it, I went to Hamble beach where I went for a ½ mile sea swim, while the kids and Sarah had a picnic, they then left to drive home while I ran 10 miles home. It was a great run, very scenic for the most part, and a great start to the training plan.