Weekly blog update: 20th May – 26th May

By PaulChristie on 22 May 2013

Monday morning was a tough start to the week, I was pretty knackered and muscles were sore after the Fareham triathlon the day before, it’s amazing how much it takes out of you doing something at the fastest pace you can manage, even though the distances were not something I would normally worry about. If it wasn’t for the fact I have a half Ironman in a couple of weeks I would probably have taken a break. So, even though I was tired, with muscles complaining, I met up with Adam and cycled 17 miles to the train station, and then cycled 40 miles home in the evening, have to admit, was pretty drained when I got in.

On Tuesday I had a rest from running and cycling, and went for an open water swim in the River Hamble. Open water swimming is something I haven’t really done much of before, but as the half Ironman swim is in a lake, then I had no choice but to go out for 8pm to get a decent swim in and fully try out the wetsuit. It always amazes me, that even though I am a grown adult, and know there is nothing that can really hurt you in the water, when a thick bunch of seaweed wrapped around my leg my first thought was “AAhhhh, Sea monster”, sounds silly I know, but there is something about being in an environment that you cannot see beneath you and you are out of you element that gets the mind bringing up silly thoughts.


Wednesday it was back on the bike, still tired but feeling better than I had been at the beginning of the week, it was 17 miles cycle in the morning to the station and 40 miles cycle home in the evening, with a 6.22 mile run straight if the bike. The weather was sunny so decided to make the most and get a proper training session in for the half Ironman.

Thursday & Friday was all about the rest after 4 pretty big training days, and I was glaad of it as my legs were feeling pretty beat up after 4 intense training days.

Saturday I headed to the gym in the evening for a short 5km treadmil run followed by weights and a core strength work out.

Sunday was family day with the kids as Sarah was working, its something thats very important to me as with all my training and events, I try to make sure I spend qulaity fun time with the kids that doesnt involve "daddy" wearing lycra, so after dropping Sarah at work, we headed for pancakes, followed by cartoons on the TV as Niamh had her morning nap, then off to get faces painted and a kids disco and finishing with a picnic in the woods where we made bow and arrows and a den, awesome day, and feel completely worn out :o)