Weekly blog update: 13th May – 19th May

By PaulChristie on 20 May 2013

This week has been all about the lead up to the Fareham Triathlon on Sunday, so training has been short and at speed, with plenty of recovery days in between.

On Monday I went to the gym for a 1342m Pool swim, this is definitely my weakest area and need to build strength and technique. I am hoping to get some proper lessons soon to improve.

Tuesday was a recovery day as  I had realised that I had trained for five days solid, so was more than happy to take it easy.

Wednesday was the last main training session before the triathlon, so I did two 45 minute turbo trainer sessions (note to self, don’t stop for tea and in-between as the second 45 minute session was pretty rough with a full stomach). I then headed to the gym to meet Adam and ran a new personal best time wise over 3.11 miles on the treadmill, followed by a short 242m swim before relaxing iu the Jacuzzi (the most important part :o) )

Thursday was another recovery day as legs were pretty sore and tired after Wednesdays sessions.

It was then time to relax before the main event on Sunday, so on Friday I swam a relaxed 660m in the pool.

The NCCA Alliance team came down to Southampton on Saturday, as they were going to the event to cheer us on, so we all went out for dinner in the evening. It was really great to meet the whole team and meet in a more social setting.

Then Sunday was event day! Adam and myself arrived at 07:30 to register, and then find out that our start times were 11:00, very annoying as we had to wait around all morning, and due to late running didn’t actually start to about 11:53. I want to say a huge thank you to the NCCA team as they were there all morning with us, supporting and keeping us entertained, which definitely made the wait easier. We also had a film crew for the event, so did a few interviews pre-race as well as some great photo shots with Elly, the mascot.

The race itself started out well, the swim wasn’t my greatest, but came in at the estimated time, with a graceful leap out of the pool (in my head anyway) before realising my timing chip had come off so had to jump back in before running to the transition area. Cycle kit on with the cheering squad out in full, and the Christie clan shouting the “KILL IT CHRISTIE” motto, it was on to the bikes. Adam was starting 10 minutes behind me in the next swim wave, so throughout the cycle I hammered it as hard as I could, expecting him to catch me at some point, but on the cycle no one passed me, I flew past quite a few people and was really strong.

Back in transition and onto the run, about 5 minutes in I had the film crew driving alongside when I saw Adam on his bike screaming “ I am hunting you down”, which definitely gave me a mental push, so upped the speed, careful not to max myself out too soon.

As I reached the last mile, I upped the pace, it was an uphill finish so went as fast as I could and turned the corner to the finish just as Adam came alongside me looking ready to pass out (he has seen me in the distance so nearly killed himself running up the hill to catch me) so we came in together to the NCCA & Christie clan cheering squad.

Overall I was pleased as I had smashed my previous years time by about 5 minutes, and came in 60th out of 215 overall and 17th in my age category. Not bad considering that my training is based on endurance events rather than the quick sprints.

Full times for the Triathlon

400m Swim 00:08:13
20km Bike 00:35:33
5.5km run 00:29:08

Total time including transitions 01:18:03

In hindsight I thin k I could shave 1-2 minutes of the run and push harder a mile sooner than I did, but that’s for next time :o)

So, now its all about the Outlaw half-ironman in two weeks, am I ready, no, will I do it, yes!