Weekly blog update: 29th April - 5th May

By PaulChristie on 06 May 2013

The sun has been out and my training continues to build up, and I am loving the feeling of being physically tired when I go to bed each night, in my head it means my body is getting that much stronger :o)

On Monday, I decided to start the week of with a bang and went for a 6.22 mile run at Lunchtime as I was working from home. Its been a while since I did more than 3.11 miles due to foot injuries but I was glad to know that everything feels great again.

In the evening, I then went for my ling swim session, and covered 2244 metres in the pool, over half way to an Iron distance.

Tuesday was the real start to this years big cycle commutes, trying a new variation by cycling 27 miles to Micheldever train station in the morning and then 38 miles all the way back in the evening . Theres a big hill in the first 16 miles or so, and I remember when I first did this route, Adam would have to patiently stop at the top of it by a gate until i huffed and puffed my way up, but it was only when we were towards the top of it and asked “Is this the big climb” that I realised how much fitter and stronger I am feeling.


Wednesday was a recovery day due to working from home again and also cycling 65 miles the day before, so I just did a small 880m pool swim at the gym

I was working from home again on Thursday, so decided on my ‘Power Lunch’ which I like doing, so donned the Trisuit and ran 2 miles to the gym, jumped in the outdoor pool and did a quick 660m swim before running back home 2 miles, all in under 60 minutes

Friday was a day off work as I had to take Sarah to two Doctors appointments, and I had also promised to take the kids the the local track after school, decided to get my training in with the kids in tow, and myself and the two oldest went out and I did a 3.11 mile run while Lochlan and Bebe cycled, rolled down the hill and ran a part of it with me. Once they were all in bed I headed to the Man-cave and did an 80 minute turbo trainer session on the bike.

Saturday morning was spent taking Lochlan and Bebe to Karate and Ballet, followed by six hours of assembling a new cabin bed for Lochlan, so it was back to the Man-cave in the evening for another 80 minute turbo trainer session.

On Sunday, I headed out at 08:00 with Adam to the River Hamble to get some open water swimming practice in wearing our new wetsuits, what started as a very cold swim ended up being a great trial run which we will definitely be doing again. I went out for a relaxed 3.11 mile run with Lochlan on his bicycle on the afternoon and then a relaxed 880 metre swim in the outdoor pool with Adam.

All in all a very tiring but good training week, and will leave you with a little video of our secret weapon!