Weekly blog update: 22nd April – 28th April

By PaulChristie on 28 April 2013

What an amazing week, I have been able to up my training to 8 hours, as Sarah’s recovery is progressing which means I can get out of the house a bit more. Still not up to a full training plan, but that will hopefully happen in the next few weeks.

The weather has been awesome, so I have made the most of it with lunch time runs when in the office, as well as cycling 15 miles each way for my cycle commute, could this be the start of spring at last :o).

One of the major factors I work with when training over the week is making sure I make use of all the available time I have, so I can fit it in around family and work.  So thought I would spend some time explaining how, as I am fed up reading training plan after training plan that assumes you have no commitments other than working nine to five!


Cycling:-I am lucky to have a choice of commutes to work, i can either cycle 4, 15, 23 or 40 miles to or from work depending on where I catch  the train, or if I cycle the whole way, so I try to get most of my cycle training using my commutes, it’s a great start and finish to the work day, and doesn’t impact family time, when the weather is nice, I usually do between 30 and 40 miles 3-5 times a week depending on which office I work in (I have three different offices).

Running:- I aim for two runs Monday to Friday, both 3-4 miles at the moment either straight off the bike once I have cycled home, or during my lunch time

Swimming:- One long swim on a Monday night usually lasting an hour, and one shorter 30 minute one


Weekends are always a hard one to fit in as the main priority is time with Srah and the kids, and with Sarah starting her new job soon, it means I have to adapt, so my target will be to do a 1.5 – 2 hour run early morning on the day she works, the a 2-3 hour bike ride followed by a 30 minute run. I will then try to have a relaxing swim one of the evenings.

The main thing I try to achieve is alternating the training so I let my body recover after each type, easier said than done, and once I have a regular routine  working in full, I will post it again.

Another great time saver is when I work from home. This week I have done this twice and managed to fit in some intense quick training sessions, one being a 13 mile time trial on the bike and the other running 2 miles to the gym, swimming 33 laps and running back 2 miles.

Lastly, have attached a photo taken on my commute to work, next to Winchester river :o)

22nd April – 3 mile run, 65 minute turbo trainer session

23rd April – 13 mile cycle, 1364m swim

24th April – 31 mile cycle

25th April – 4 mile run, 726m swim

26th April – 85 minute turbo trainer session

27th April – 1760m swim

28th April – 60 minute turbo trainer session