Weekly Blog update: 15th April – 21st April

By PaulChristie on 22 April 2013

It has been a tough week, the family is all back home which is awesome, but Sarah is still recovering from her operation, therefore I am on children, care and work duty. This means that I cannot really leave the house without someone being home for Sarah and the kids, as she is unable to look after them. The main  focus of this week is to use the turbo trainer in the shed and get a few bike sessions in as I can do this when my youngest Niamh is asleep, and I am also 20 seconds away on mobile if Sarah needs me.

I have been reflecting on the New Forest sportive as it was a pretty tough day for me, much harder than it should have been, and there are a number of factors that caused this:-

  • Loss of cycling fitness over the winter
  • Weather conditions on the day
  • Nutrition
  • Not pacing myself

It was a good learning curve for the start of the season, and I need to regain my cycling legs after a winter of bad weather and little cycling. My fitness is as good if not better than ever, I just need to condition the legs and body for long duration of the bike, anything less than 50 miles isn’t really an issue, but longer than this then your back gets tired, your legs feel worn and your bum starts to hurt.

So that’s my first port of call, don the Trisuit and go out to the man-cave to use the trainer, which is a lot harder than actually being out on the bike, but can be boring. For intense sessions, I would recommend any of the Sufferfest videos, I have two of them, “Hell hath no fury” and “The Blender”, the first is 60 minutes and the latter 100 minutes, and I have to admit, following their effort level guides will make it a work out to leave you breathless especially the Blender, 100 minutes of PAIN!!!!!!

Saturday was a very busy day, and thought I would share here (I posted it on our NB Alliance Facebook page as well) to show what it means to be a normal husband/father and wannabe Ironman when it comes to training and family time :o)

06:30 – kids use me as a trampoline in bed
07:00 – Breakfast made, kids at table, coffee made for Sarah
07:30 – Washing on, dishes washed send kiddies to get changed
09:00 – Arrive at Dance class for Bebe, Karate for Lochlan, Keep Niamh happy until home time at 10:30
11:25 – Put Sarah to bed (recovering from major surgery)
11:30 – Put Niamh to bed
11:35 – On the turbo trainer in the Man-cave (shed)
12:30 – out for 4 mile run
13:00 – wake Niamh up, go out for family lunch with a good friend
15:00 – Play board games with the kids
19:00 – Put kids to bed
19:15 – Make Sarah’s Tea, leave her with Britain’s got talent and a hot water bottle
20:00 – At gym in the pool
21:00 – home watching TV with Sarah, and relax

The focus from now on is all about the triathlons, as I have the Fareham sprint in May, the Eastleigh sprint in June followed by my Half Ironman in August and full Ironman in September, so I need to ensure I up my swimming and running along with my Cycling. I will be revisiting my training plan and will post an example week once its done to show the kind of training you need to be doing for this sort of thing, for example starting my brick sessions (Bike followed by run).

And the last part of this week’s blog is to do with Neuroblastoma Alliance, I cannot express how much it means being part of this charity, it gives me a sense of motivation to get out there and train as I don’t want to let them down, but also when we hear about the children and families that are following and talking about what we do.  We came into this with the mission to spread awareness of the work they do and spread the brand, and we are achieving this, but reading about how strong the kids are that are going through different parts of their treatment, how they just get on with things and enjoy what they can, while still smiling for photos, to me they are and always will be the true Heroes and I will do everything I can to help with the charities goals!

15th April – Rest day

16th April – 3.11 mile run

17th April – 40 minute turbo trainer session

18th April – 40 minute turbo trainer session

19th April – Rest day

20th April – 40 minute turbo trainer session, 4 mile run, 1320m Swim

21st April – rest day