Weekly Blog update: 8th April – 14th April

By PaulChristie on 13 April 2013

This week has been about the Wiggle New Forest 87 mile sportive. As Sarah is still staying in Reading recovering from her Operation, I have not been able to train due to driving between Reading, work and home. I have been concerned about the lack of cycling I have done over the winter due to the severe weather, it has been a nightmare, normally by the 1st March I am cycling 100-200 miles on my work commute, this year its been a good week if I have reached 50 miles.

So I woke up this morning, knowing I had 86 miles to take on in the cold, rain and wind that was forecasted.  The only reason I had decided to keep to the 87 mile route and not reduce it to the shorter one was down to the amazing support we had on our Facebook page. Bea from Neuroblastoma Alliance managed to get a sponsor to donate £1 for every person that liked our page starting 13:00 on Friday until 23:59 Sunday. I have to admit I was expecting our likes to maybe go from the current 55 up to 100, but boy was I wrong, as it stands we have 836!

The cycle started out well, it was cold but dry, and it stayed this way for the first hour or so, and then it just rained, and rained, and rained, and to make things even more fun, we had extremely strong gusting headwinds, there’s nothing like stinging rain flying into your eyes!

I made a mistake over the first 30 miles, I tried to stay at Adams pace rather than mine, and as he is about 2-3 stone lighter, a lot fitter, this means I have to work even harder to keep up, and it also didn’t help that I could eat on the move as my hands were wet and freezing. At the second food stop, mile 60, I told Adam to go ahead, as he couldn’t get warm slowing down, and I was struggling due to trying to stay on his wheel.

One of the things about any endurance sport is mental attitude, at the 65 mile point, you can either take the shorter route, or do a 20 mile loop to complete the Epic route, and when your cold, exhausted, wet through and just want to finish it would have been easy to take the easy option, but the thing that got me through was knowing the amount of people that were supporting us by likeing and sharing, there was no way that I was going to wimp out, especially flying the NB Alliance colours :o)

So, not the fastest cycle I have done, but still not a bad starting event for the year and it gives me a building block for my Iron distance Triathlon training plan :o)



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