Holiday training blog - Part 2

By PaulChristie on 21 March 2013

After two days of hill running as well as some turbo trainer sessions, I decided to take it easy on Sunday and just swim, so headed to the nearest pool ready for 09:00 opening. I forgot what it was like to swim in a pool with a deep end, as my gyms one is the same depth throughout, so it was good to understand the psychological factor of going slower the further the floor is from you (or could just be meĀ smiley) so just 1.5km swim before heading back home.

On Monday, I finally headed out on the bike, with the sun shining and hardly any wind it was a perfect morning for it, after some route planning I headed out onto the Tarka trail, and its one of the best traffic free, tarmac 12 miles each way cycle I have ever done, but didn't feel to guilty as had to head back up a serious climb before getting back to the holiday home.

On Tuesday I decided to go out with Lochlan, my 6 year old son, so with him on his bike, and me running set off for a 10 mile outing. I love doing this with him, he gets so excited to spend time training with me, and is very encouraging without one complaint. anything over an hour I start to take supplies, and use a Camelbak hydration waist pack for water and energy gel/cereal bars.

VBLOG while out running

One major thing I have learnt in the last week, when your out running and you think "my laces are a bit tight, should really sort it out", make sure you do! I didn't and paid for it as the bruising which I though had healed hadn't, and after a 10 mile run it was damn bruised ,swollen and sore.

That was it training wise in Devon, as had lots of holiday things planned to do Wednesday - Thursday including swimming with the kids, who impress me every time with how they are coming along, my future Triathletes.....

So, that is it for now, time to head home to Southampton and work off all the food and alcohol, and also get some training in with Adam!