Weekly blog update: 11th - 14th March

By PaulChristie on 12 March 2013

Not the usual full weekly update, as I go on holiday to Devon Friday, so will do one for whole holiday when I am back.

Had a great but tough run on Monday, tough as it was off road and the stones on the dirt track left my feet bruised, first experience of this wearing barefoot trainers, next time will try my off road ones to see how they get on.


My feet were feeling quite sore after Monday run, so went for a swim on Tuesday and it felt good, I need to get in the pool more, otherwise by the time the events come round I will struggle!

The temperature this week dropped below zero degrees Celsius, so Wednesdays bike ride to Winchester was COLD!!!!! I cycle all year round, with the coldest temperature to date being -7. Its taking a few winters to figure out the correct kit, so thought I would list it here so others can get an idea of what to wear

windproof skull cup

Buff/scarf to cover face

skins base layer

Craft Thermal base layer (cannot recommend this enough)

Mavic Echappe jacket (again, a must have)

Seal skin windproof/waterproof winter gloves

Mavic winter bib tights

thick merino wool socks

neoprene over shoes (water and windproof)

And most importantly, a coffee shop at the train stations smiley. When its this cold outside, I don't usually cycle further than Winchester, which is an hour each way, anything over this and the cold seeps through!

It can be hard motivating myself to cycle for an hour when its cold, but as this is how I do most of my bike training, its essential, so this is where cycling with a friend keeps the motivation up, its easier to deal with the cold when its not just you suffering smiley


And lastly I thought I would leave you with a picture of me during Mondays run, proudly wearing my Neuroblastoma running vest.