Weekly blog update: 4th – 10th March

By PaulChristie on 11 March 2013

This week has been about the bike, although a light week overall, was really please to get in the first long cycle commute of the year in, Basingstoke – home, 40 miles. I forgot how nice the cycle is, the first half of it all country lanes where the only thing you have to watch out for on the road is the giant hares! Even with my rucksack full off laptop and work bits, was still a pretty fast and enjoyable cycle, and no where near as hard as I used to find it!

On Thursday myself and Adam met with Bea from the Neuroblastoma charity (see previous post) and the pair of us are full of excitement about the whole thing. It has given me even more motivation to get out there and train!

One thing I noticed this week, is that even though I love doing all the training, I still find it hard to get out of what I call the “fat” mindset, it’s too easy not to train, but instead to sit on the sofa and watch TV with the family. I struggle to actually get my bum off the seat, even though I know within minutes of going out I am loving it. Sarah is great with this, as she takes the big bat approach to kicking me out of the house knowing I will feel better for it, but its always something I have to challenge myself with, and now that I have such a good cause to support, this will only add to the motivation!

With the new charity in mind I thought I would add a picture we took on the cycle home :o)

4th March – 30 mile cycle

5th March – rest day

6th March – 57 mile cycle

7th March - rest day

8th March - rest day

9th March - rest day

10th March - rest day

Its all about the.....