Neuroblastoma Alliance UK charity

By PaulChristie on 08 March 2013

You may have noticed something new on the homepage, a link to the Neuroblastoma Alliance UK charity; this is because we have been given the amazing chance to work with them to promote children’s cancer awareness.

Myself and Adam Brushett are forming the new “Charity Hero” team, representing the charity doing what we do best, stupidly hard endurance challenges in aid of a good cause :o)

We had a great meeting with Bea from the charity last night, who is so passionate about what they do. We had lots to discuss about upcoming events that we are undertaking (see my calendar) as well as a possible huge challenge later in the year (keep you eyes posted for info when it’s available) which will hopefully benefit the children and their families with the donations and charity awareness.

So, going forward you will start to see lots of photos and twitter posts hopefully wearing the charity logo on our kit.

This is amazing opportunity and I am so excited to be doing something that is so worth while, please if you can, go to their website and have a look, we need all the support we can get to help the kids!