Weekly blog update: 24th Feb – 3rd March

By PaulChristie on 03 March 2013

This week I tried something new and took Lochlan out on his bike with me for my Sunday run, there’s a newly made bike path in Winchester free of traffic. It was a great run, very proud of my boy, managing to cycle 6 miles with no complaints, think the hot chocolate waiting in the car had something to do with this :o), it also meant that I averaged a slower 11 minute mile pace than normal, was a great recovery run with no strain or real effort, will definitely be doing it again.

I went out on Monday evening with Adam and pushed myself to keep a fast pace (for me) alongside him and had a new personal best over 6.22 miles (10km), so was extremely happy with myself. Then yesterday I cycled up to Reading, which although still not up to my previous cycling fitness in October last year was happy with the result.

There is more exciting news which I will post about once full details are confirmed, but myself and Adam are privileged to be working with Neuroblastoma alliance UK – www.childrenscancer.org.uk and will be representing them as there newly created team “Charity Champions”.

24thFeb – 6 mile run

25th Feb – 6.22 mile run

26th Feb – 1342m Swim

27th Feb – rest day

28th Feb – 682m Swim

1st March – rest day

2nd March – 54 mile cycle

3rd March – 19 mile cycle, 4 mile run