Weekly blog update: 11th Feb – 17th Feb

By PaulChristie on 18 February 2013

This week has been a good week, the sun has started to come out during my cycling and running, the nights are starting to get lighter, and most of all, I DID A HALF MARATHON in training!

The 13.13 run has been a huge mile stone for me, as it’s a significant step in my training, not only is it the distance I will need to run for my middle distance triathlon, but it’s the half way mark in for the run in my main event this year, the Challenge Henley Triathlon!

During my cycling experience, I have discovered that up to 70 miles is all down to the effort you put in, but after this its 50% mentality. It doesn’t matter how fit you are, when you have been out for over 4 hours in the saddle, the fatigue kicks in, and if you’re not careful, you hit the wall and bonk! This is what I started to feel like on mile 12, my legs were tired, but you hit a rhythm and just carry on, your mind is telling you to take a break, or even just finish up, but if you have had experience in this, then you know that to do this is end game, and if you want to attempt any endurance sport then you have to fight through. The route I took meant that the last 3 miles of the run actually meant taking a side road and running down it before turning back until reaching where I had turned off and finishing the last half a mile. At the time I thought of many excuses just to cut it short, but a trick I have discovered Is to ignore the distance to the end, instead just put the GPS to one side and look up and look at your surroundings, I think about the person I was 3 years ago and everything I have achieved since, and where possible, I try envisage the feeling of euphoria I will have when completing the distance, 9 times out of 10 this works for me!

11th Feb - 67 minute, 17.2 mile turbo trainer session

12th Feb – 5 mile run

13th Feb – 15 mile cycle

14th Feb – rest day

15th Feb – 15 mile cycle, 880m swim

16th Feb – 462m swim

17th Feb – 13.13 mile run