Weekly blog update: 4th Feb – 10th Feb

By PaulChristie on 10 February 2013

This week has all been about the run, with the weather still bad, I decided to just take the short commutes to and from work, and concentrate on progressing my running. I cycled back from Winchester on Monday evening, and went straight back out for a 5 mile run, taking it at an easy pace. I want to do more of this Brick (bike to run) training as it will be invaluable for the actual events I undertake.

Thursday I took my kit to work and went out for just over 5 miles along the canal path, and it was  fantastic weather, not to cold and very sunny.

Friday saw me back in the pool, and after about 10 minutes finally found my mojo again, relaxing into the strokes.

On Saturday, I was sat at Karate watching Lochlan and after looking outside and seeing the snow/rain thought there would be no chance in going for a run. I think at heart I am still a fat guy, who likes his comfort and is easily de-motivated. All the way home I was thinking in my mind that I didn’t really need to go for a run, I could leave it until tomorrow etc etc etc…..

When I got in, something snapped and I decided to go out and just do what I want to, weather it was 5 minutes running in the rain, or 30 minutes, at least I was going out. As I had originally planned to do 8 miles, my camelback was all ready to go and I had some Blok energy tablets already packed, so though I might as well take them in case I did want to go further…. And further I did, 9 miles further, a new PB for distance, and not only was it wet, windy and cold, but I loved it!!!!!!!!

4th Feb – 18.7 mile cycle, 5 mile run

5th Feb – rest day

6th Feb – rest day

7th Feb – 9 mile cycle, 5.18 mile run

8th Feb – 15 mile cycle, 902m swim

9th Feb – 9 mile run

10th Feb – 2222m swim