Weekly blog update: 28th Jan – 3rd Feb

By PaulChristie on 03 February 2013

This week has been another bad training week, with working long hours, in London twice and Sarah out; I didn’t manage to get any training in Monday to Friday, not even being able to commute to work on the bike.

On Saturday we were going to Reading for the weekend, so decided to cycle as the weather looked good. I had been looking forward to it all week, as it was the first proper distance, 54 miles that I had done since October last year.

It was a sunny day, but still damn cold and very windy with strong headwinds all the way, setting off I felt good, but the ride ended being an extremely hard one, and also a slow one. I only managed to maintain a 14.7mph avg speed, and mentally it has set me back. In my mind I know it’s the first big ride of the year, but with the running I have been doing, as well as the shorter rides, I thought it would have been easier than it was. At this point I am unclear as to whether it was the headwinds or my cycling fitness, but altogether I am not happy with the ride and need to get my mojo back!

I will be doing it again the first weekend in March, and have an 86 mile sportive in April, so hopefully by this time I will have sorted it out.


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