Weekly blog update: 21st Jan - 27th Jan

By PaulChristie on 27 January 2013

Due to the snow, ice and working locations this week was written of training wise, as I didn’t want to risk injury with the icy roads running or cycling, and by the time I was getting home, swimming wasn’t really an option. Yet what started out bad has finished with a bang!

The paths had cleared on Friday, so decided on an easy 5km at lunchtime, but when I got to the half-way point, I was feeling strong, the weather was glorious so decided to push it an go for 10km. When I got to the 5km mark to turn round, I realised that I had run a new personal best, 5km in 28 minutes. On the return run I started to push to maintain the 9 minute mile pace, and although it took a lot out of me managed to finally break the 1 hour barrier and finished in 00:56:22, I was over the moon, not only for getting under the hour but by beating my previous best by 5 minutes!

Saturday was a rest day as my legs were pretty tired, but on Sunday decided to take the kids out on their bike & scooter to the 200 metre track for a 5km run before getting on the turbo trainer. With Lochlan’s motivational “you will never catch me Daddy” and Brenna’s high fives as I lapped her I ran another PB, 5km in 26:30, 3.30 minutes of my previous best outdoor time. I followed this up with a turbo trainer session and by the end was feeling drained but awesome!

What an amazing finish to what started out as a bad training week!

21st January – rest day

22nd January – rest day

23rd January – rest day

24th January – 10 mile cycle

25th January – 6.25 mile run

26th January – rest day

27th January – 3.11 mile run, 16 mile turbo trainer session