Weekly blog update: 14th Jan - 20th Jan

By PaulChristie on 21 January 2013

With the winter weather truly hitting this week I have given up the road bike and swapped to my Frankenstein Mountain/road bike. After last year’s injuries have decided to just do the minimal commute and concentrate on the other disciplines.

The previous week set a new PB in swimming, and this week was that start of me increasing my long runs from the normal 6.22 miles I have been doing, so even though it was dark and 0 degrees I still went out for a 1hr 12 min run, the longest to date and felt great.

Even with tired calves from running I still managed to go out for a short recovery run on Thursday, and it was a great run, cold but sunny and a relaxed pace.

The snow truly kicked in on Friday, meaning my normal training couldn’t take place, but with the turbo trainer I used one of the sufferfest videos “Hell hath no fury” and had an excellent work out, I can’t recommend these turbo session videos more, I had a truly hard 75 minutes!

14th January – 9 miles cycle

15th January – 15 mile cycle, 7 mile run

16th January – 15 miles cycle,

17th January – 9 miles cycle, 3.6 mile run, 528m swim

18th January – rest day

19th January – 18.41 mile turbo trainer session

20th January – 3.30 mile run, 374m swim