Weekly blog update – 7th January – 13th January

By PaulChristie on 14 January 2013

After such a good previous training week, I had lots of plans for this weeks training. I started off with a good swim session on the Monday, although still not happy with my technique, 60 laps were completed with relative ease. On Tuesday, was feeling really tired and worn out, and by the time I got home I didn’t feel up to going for my long run, and waking up Wednesday morning I found out why, the dreaded manful!!!!

Didn’t really do much else for the rest of the week as decided it would be better to rest and recover, then on Sunday evening I went for my swim session.

For a while I have known my technique isn’t the best, but have struggled to figure it our or correct it in any way, so during the week I have been watching an excellent youtube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3HhNlysFDs. From this I could see that my issue was that my glide was to long and that I didn’t have a continuous arm movement, instead my lead arm would enter, I would glide for 2 seconds then recover my other arm. The other issue was that I was not rolling my body with the movements. Sarah has also just been to her first swim lesson and gave me a really good tip on head position when coming up for air, so with all of this in mind I set off to the pool and the difference was amazing, not only did I knock 10 minutes off my previous 60 lap time, but also swam a new PB of 2200 metres, which is more than half way to an Ironman distance.

Even though I had a crap training week for the other disciplines, Sundays swim session meant I ended the week on a high!

7th January– 1320m pool swim
8th January – rest day
9th January – rest day
10th January – 10 miles cycle
11th January – 15 miles cycle
12th January –Rest day
13th January – 2200m pool swim