Weekly blog update – 31st Dec – 6th January

By PaulChristie on 06 January 2013

The year has started well, a quick pool swim on the Monday before the family sessions started, followed by going to the beach on New Year’s day with Adam for a plunge into the freezing water, 2xu wetsuit was awesome and didn’t feel the cold on my body at all, unfortunately my feet, hands and face lost all feeling within about 1 minute, so quickly out again before donning Adams wetsuit booties and hat which proved successful, only my face lost the feeling this time, proved that 8 degrees Celsius water temperature is just to damn cold to swim in :o)
The Wednesday I did my first Winchester commute using the new route, which turned out to be really good training, hilly in the morning and flattish on the way back (except for the hill to get to my  house which although a bitch of a climb I don’t include in my routes as it’s a permanent fixture)
Thursday was a light cycle and a light run, which was cut short as Reading is badly flooded at the moment with the paths which we run on being non-existent.
To finish the week off, cycled to Portsdown hill again with Adam and managed a 10km run straight after, very chuffed with myself over that, especially this early in my training plan!
31st December – 880m pool swim
1st January – 6.23 mile run
2nd January – 35 mile cycle
3rd January – 9 miles cycle, 2.5 mile run
4th January – 15 miles cycle
5th January –Rest day
6th January – 30 mile cycle, 6.22 mile run