By PaulChristie on 02 January 2013

Last year I started to run, I didn’t do much (only 55 mile between January and September) but with my new found passion for Triathlons, wanted to keep doing small amounts while training for the Ride Across Britain. I usually did 3.11 miles and once managed a 6.22 mile run which nearly killed me!
In October, I needed to get a new pair of trainers, and after some research, decided to give the barefoot running  technique a trial and bought a pair of Vivobarefoot Evo II mesh trainers.
My first run of 20 minutes ended up with me being in a lot of pain with new muscle groups being used, and re-reading the advice realised you should walk in them for a couple of weeks before attempting to run.  Gradually building up my runs, the pain started to get less and less the day after, and as of 28th December, I can now run 6.22 miles (10km) with no pain the next day!
I truly enjoy this style of running and significantly reduces the impact on your knees etc due to running on your forefoot rather than you heel, there’s lots of info about this online for those who are interested.