RAB day 9

By PaulChristie on 17 September 2012

Wake up music "we can be heroes" by David Bowie

I woke up feeling strong - legs were good, back was good and I was feeling very excited! On the way to breakfast the wake up call came over the speakers and I have to admit, I did get a bit emotional as this was it, the final 104 miles!

We set of at a quick pace as Mark had to be back by three o'clock to get his bus, and before we realised it we were at the first feed stop 30 miles in, even with the 28 mile slow incline up to this point we were averaging just over 17mph. Again the scenery was truly breathtaking, rivers, streams and waterfalls, and rolling landscape for as far as we could see.

At the 55 mile point we were on a steepish climb when we turned a bend and there it was, the sea, although there was another 50 miles to go I was in awe of what I had achieved. The next 30 miles were tough as we followed the coast road, which is very up and down taking us into the last feed stop with 38 miles to go!

After setting off, Mark and I met up with another 4 people we had been cycling with, and as we were both feeling good, took the lead and set a demanding pace, there is no better feeling than being at the head of a peloton Speeding along at 20mph plus.

With 15 miles to go, Mark and I decided to hit it, and we were off, the miles were  ticking down, we didn't get below 20mph. I tried to take the lead a couple of times, but mark was about 1mph quicker than me so I happily sat on his wheel. At 5 miles we were burning down the tarmac, 3 miles and the excitement was building, my legs were burning, my lungs were gasping, my heart was racing; 1 mile to go we could see the people waiting, we upped the speed again, turning at the junction we had 300 metres to go, standing up we hammered the bikes into a sprint, racing to the line, then to the cheers and bag pipers we crossed the line (Mark won the sprint)

I am sat here in the airport waiting for my flight in 8 hours time, I have no aches or pains and feel great. I did it, I cycled Lands End to John O Groats in 9 days, I don't think it has sunk in fully yet, but once I am home and I get to share it with Sarah and the kids face to face, I think it will.

I am an End to Ender!