RAB Day 8

By PaulChristie on 15 September 2012

Todays wake up music "I would walk 500 miles" by the Proclaimers

For the first time, I woke up tired and stiff this morning, yesterday took a lot out of me mentally and physically, but by the time I had had breakfasted and changed, I was feeling a lot better and ready to set off.

The views today were something else, the beautiful Loch's we passed and mountains and hills wherever you looked. The first 20 miles were easy as the roads were smooth and flat, and gave us time to warm the legs up and get the bum positioned so that it only felt that I had been hit twice, instead of several times, by a baseball bat - the Scottish roads are not kind to the cyclist!

After the first pitstop, we left Fort Augustus to climb up to Loch Ness, the best climb to date, with a mile of 14% inline followed by a downhill, only to be followed by another mile or so of 10-14% climbing, all the time going through forestry or open landscape showing the different Lochs.

After nearly coming off the bike due to another cyclist, I had dropped off the group, so I spent 5 miles pumping my tired legs as fast as I could averaging 25mph in order to catch them again, only to find out once I did that they had a fresh pair of legs on the front, someone who only came for the day and we proceeded to cover the next 20 miles at the same pace. The guy I was sat behind was yo-yoing back and forward (the same guy who had nearly took me out previously) which was making it twice as hard to keep up and I started to get angry. At this point I refused to let this happen, so I decided to stop, take on some endurance athelete fuel (Cadbury's chocolate) and take in the scenery. Everyone is tired, but I refuse to let anything spoil my experience!

The last 20 miles were tough, the head winds were back, but today was an awesome day :o)

I am sat here on a bean bag writing this on the edge of a Loch at the campsite, only one thing could make this better and that is to have Sarah and the kids here, I am desperate to see them now, to share in person everything I have been through!

1 day left people, 111 miles!