RAB day 7

By PaulChristie on 14 September 2012

No wake up music this morning due to the longer day, people were given a choice to start an hour earlier!

Today was hard, harder than the previous 6 days combined! From the start the weather was bad - cold, wet and 30-40mph head winds which lasted all 136 miles!

At the first stop I fuelled up on iron bru and tablet (finally got some) from the shop and headed off. Due to the weather we got split from the group, and it was just me and Mark for most of the day. At about 50 miles I lost him due to passing a large group, and ended up on my own for 8 miles, by which point I was not having fun, trying to battle the head wind on your own makes it at least 40% harder. I came across a random plastic box turned upside down, and that was it, I stopped, sat down, and pulled out my flap jack and started to eat. After watching a number of people pass I set off, struggling through the wind until I came across someone else who was looking worse than me, so I got in front of them and slowed down for him as I knew the next food stop was only 10ish miles away. Within the next 5 miles we came across about 5 other people struggling, and added them to the back of my line, tackling the wind so they could recover until the stop!

I cannot write about my experience of the scenery as words will never do it justice, I have been to many places, but have never been dumb stuck with awe from what I saw!

After the stop I set off with mark again to tackle Glencoe, a 5 mile climb and 20 mile descent, but due to the winds we had to pedal the last 50 miles non stop, even down the 8% descents!

I feel amazing right now, cycling 136 miles in one go against Mother Nature herself is a huge personal best!

2 days left!