RAB Day 6

By PaulChristie on 13 September 2012

Todays wake up music "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey

First of all, holy shit, I AM IN SCOTLAND.

Today has been another extremely wet and windy day, the winter kit finally came out with the average temperature being 10 degrees! The field we stayed in last night was water logged so I spent last night and this morning walking around bare foot in the mud, very cold but the most practical method.

We had to work as a team today, back to the usual group of 8 people all taking turns in the front battling the weather, trying to do a mile in and a mile off! It was quite a monotonous cycle along the A74, the worst road I have ever cycled on, constant potholes and vibrations made it really tough on the hands and bum! When we hit Scotland, it truly hit home how far I have cycled, and I had to take some time to come to terms with what I have achieved so far, it has truly been an amazing life changing experience!

The landscape is picturesque, even with the crappy weather and I can't wait to get into the country tomorrow.

I am shocked with all the comments and support I have received on Facebook, even from people I don't know, it truly does give me the motivation to keep pedaling when it gets tough. I am feeling extremely good, back aches, and bum is finally sore from the hard ride today, but all things considered I think I am doing quite well.

Tomorrow will be the big challenge, 127 miles of cycling, another 2 hours on what we have been doing to date, including the climb up Rannoch Pass!

Only 3 days to go!