RAB day 5

By PaulChristie on 12 September 2012

Today's wake up music was "Eye of the tiger"

After yesterday's really tough ride, the last thing I expected was to wake up feeling amazing, the weather was cold with heavy rain, but I was looking forward to the ride!

The first 40 miles was spent cycling through rush hour traffic in the rain, so I decided to sing a song to pass the time.  Unfortunately for everyone else, the only song I could think of was "I had a tiny turtle, his name was tiny Tim" Brennas favorite song, after my tenth rendition everyone new the words :-)

I had a strong cycle with the pinnacle being the mammoth climb up Shap Fell, 8 miles of a steady 7% incline, and I owned it, the rain was pouring, the winds were blasting but my head was down, I was shouting out a mantra over and over and passing people as I powered up the climb, it was amazing! (The mantra for success is 'Its only a hill, its only a hill, Sarah wouldn't bloody get off, so there is no way I am' and repeat)

As we were cycling up the Fell a rainbow formed. It started below us, because we were higher, and it ended above us where we were yet to reach and you could see it - the end of the rainbow.  Then when we came down the other side, there was another rainbow.  Today I cycled through two rainbow ends and although I didn't find a pot of gold, I felt like I'd won the lottery.

The scarier part of today was turning up at feed station 2 where two old dears were taking photos (for no reason other than they happened by) and after telling them that they needed to go home and bring me cake, they then proceed to pull out Vaseline and say I looked like I was chaffing, but they would sort it for me - no need to say I cycled away very quickly!

After day 5 I thought it would be time to say something of our daily routine:-

  • Wake up at 4am needing a wee, but decide I can wait until the alarm goes off
  • Alarm goes off at 5am, by the time I have unzipped the sleeping bag and put some clothes on, its a desperate rush to the toilet - waiting wasn't a good idea!
  • Breakfast at 5.30am
  • Grab bike lube, oil spray, tooth brush/paste and chamois cream and head to the toilet (must make sure I don't get these mixed up!)
  • Stand in the queue with 500 other riders waiting to apply cream to their nether regions, also hoping to avoid any chaffing
  • Return to canteen and down 2 coffees
  • 7am I'm on the bike, stopping 40 minutes later for a wee as the coffee has hit
  • 35ish miles later get to feed stop 1 and fill up on sandwiches, shortbread, crisps, cake and chocolate
  • 75ish miles get to feed stop 2 and repeat the above
  • Around 90 miles find a pub for a coke and coffee
  • On a caffeine high, power through to the end to be cheered in by the RAB staff and anyone that happens to be there
  • Head to bar and have recovery beer, followed by a shower
  • Every other night get a massage
  • 7pm eat my body weight in food
  • 8.30pm nightly briefing
  • 9.00pm head to bed and apply pernaton gel and sudocreme - big tip here, if you don't apply the sudocreme to your delicate areas before the gel goes on your legs, makes for a very interesting feeling for the next hour!


  • Repeat for 9 days!