RAB Day 4

By PaulChristie on 11 September 2012

Today's music was "Sex Machine" by James Brown, gotta love the music choices!

The ride today was a tough one, it was supposed to be the easiest one of the rides, as it was mainly flat, but the weather conditions meant otherwise! I didn't cycle with the usual 9-12 people today, as Mark and I decided to just grim out the miles and try and get in a bit earlier so we could get some chores done, so three of us set out from Ludlow.

For the first 40 minutes I had the amazing opportunity to be joined alongside by Clare Cunningham, a Paralympic gold and silver medal swimmer, and now a world champion Triathlete hoping to be in Rio. We had an awesome chat but when my chain slipped off I had to let her go, but for the record I overtook her 10 miles later and came in before her at the end :o)

After the first 15 miles I could tell that my legs were definitely starting to show strain after the previous 3 days, and inline was a chore, but working as a three, we formed a small chain and continued to swap about as the miles went by. The scenery today was awesome, some great views and amazing houses before we hit the cities.

The temperature didn't really warm up today so this was our first cold ride, resulting in staying in my jacket and arm warmers all day, and with the frequent rain showers it wasn't a pleasant ride. Then the wind hit, at about 70 miles we had 20-30mph head winds, we were all tired and had to dig deep.  With heads down and closing up until there was only an inch between each others wheels, we grunted and groaned and pushed the pedals until we arrived into Haydock!

We all had to do dig deep, and you could tell how the weather affected us, as the first thought was straight into the showers!

Tomorrow will see us half way to John O Groats!