RAB Day 3

By PaulChristie on 10 September 2012

There was no musical wake up call this morning as we were staying in our own rooms in Bath University, and even though I had a bed, I kinda felt disappointed :o)

I felt great this morning, waking up at 5am, being able to get a hot shower without queuing and then a fantastic breakfast in a real restaurant, very civilised!

I could not believe how I was feeling, I felt damn good, strong and ready to go! We set off from Bath, climbing a serious amount of hills to get out of the city, and continued on to Wales via the Severn Bridge, stopping in Chepstow and then up to Ludlow.

I have felt amazing all day, climbing the hills like a goat on steroids, passing people and singing whatever song I could think of while receiving some very strange looks! I knew I was feeling good when going up one 10% incline a newspaper boy tried to race us, feeling good and also seeing the top 40 metres away, I stood up and danced on the pedals, spinning as fast as I could, with one issue - on reaching the "top" I realised it wasn't, and it kept going, so I dug deep and realised that if I didn't keep going I would look even more of an idiot, so I did, and I won :o)

There are a number of things that have epitomized the RAB so far - The group of 9 guys and girls who met on day one, and after three days of cycling together have formed cohesive unit, helping each other when struggling, mocking when there's an opportunity, and sharing coffees and coke at our impromptu stops. We have started to get a name for ourselves as these stops always seem to be at a pub, and everyone passes us pointing us out, then 30 minutes later we are steaming on passed them after a caffeine hit!

Highs of today - Sandy, who leaves after today, filling his water bottle up with a local beer for the last 30 miles (which we all had a taster of, so maybe one for day 9 :o) ), having a 6ft bruiser of a man hurt me as he massaged my legs and becoming a solid cycling unit and forming a great chain gang cruising along at +25mph for the last 20 miles.

I feel amazing and love every minute.

The only thing I miss is Sarah and the kids. It was Bebe's first day at school today, so we spoke this morning, and we have skyped this evening. My family is amazing and I love them very much. I cannot say how supportive and amazing my wife is!

Off to the bar now :o)