Weekly blog update: 24th Feb – 3rd March

By PaulChristie on 03 March 2013

This week I tried something new and took Lochlan out on his bike with me for my Sunday run, there’s a newly made bike path in Winchester free of traffic.

Weekly blog update: 11th Feb – 17th Feb

By PaulChristie on 18 February 2013

This week has been a good week, the sun has started to come out during my cycling and running, the nights are starting to get lighter, and most of all, I DID A HALF MARATHON in training!

Weekly blog update: 4th Feb – 10th Feb

By PaulChristie on 10 February 2013

This week has all been about the run, with the weather still bad, I decided to just take the short commutes to and from work, and concentrate on progressing my running. I cycled back from Winchester on Monday evening, and went straight back out for a 5 mile run, taking it at an easy pace.

Weekly blog update: 28th Jan – 3rd Feb

By PaulChristie on 03 February 2013

This week has been another bad training week, with working long hours, in London twice and Sarah out; I didn’t manage to get any training in Monday to Friday, not even being able to commute to work on the bike.

New Forest 86 mile spring sportive

By PaulChristie on 29 January 2013

Weekly blog update: 21st Jan - 27th Jan

By PaulChristie on 27 January 2013

Due to the snow, ice and working locations this week was written of training wise, as I didn’t want to risk injury with the icy roads running or cycling, and by the time I was getting home, swimming wasn’t really an option. Yet what started out bad has finished with a bang!

Weekly blog update: 14th Jan - 20th Jan

By PaulChristie on 21 January 2013

With the winter weather truly hitting this week I have given up the road bike and swapped to my Frankenstein Mountain/road bike. After last year’s injuries have decided to just do the minimal commute and concentrate on the other disciplines.